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Full Version: Album titles in Wall vision with Estuary Skin
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Hi friends.
I'm new in this community forum and I'm very happy to partecipate.
My problem is in the visualization of the Album Titles in the Music Section.
With the new version of the software (Kodi 17 - Beta 6 and Beta 7) and the skin Estuary, if I set the visualization of the album as a Wall, sorted by years, I can't see the Album titles but the name of the artist for every album.
Do you know this problem and think that wil be repair?
Many thanks.

Mario Macrì
The wall view of albums in Estuary has been designed to show the image, artist and year regardless of what sort is applied. I doubt that the skinners that created it will be in any rush to change that, but you could ask for that as a new feature in the Estuary forum.

Or would could find a skin that already supports the wall-like display of albums with title, for example Confluence thumbnail view always shows album title. There are many skins and many variations in display.

Or if you are really interested, and love everything else about it, you could look at Estuary and work out how to show album title label on the wall view rather than artist & year
Thank you for your answer
but before this version of Kodi, in Estuary, I saw the album titles....
Best Regards
Means it is probably part of the Estuary v2 change. I would guess the asumption is that the album title is likely to be prominent in the image, while the artist and year is less so. But maybe is a mistake, don't let me put you off asking in the Estuary forum.

Having artist name is particularly useless if you have navigated from artists node down to albums (for that artist) isn't it, album title would be better IMO.
Many thanks.
I've posted the same question to the Estuary forum, but... without answer...