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Full Version: Album titles in Wall vision with Estuary Skin
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Hi friends.
I'm new in this community forum and I'm very happy to partecipate.
My problem is in the visualization of the Album Titles in the Music Section.
With the new version of the software (Kodi 17 - Beta 6 and Beta 7) and the skin Estuary, if I set the visualization of the album as a Wall, sorted by years, I can't see the Album titles but the name of the artist for every album.
Do you know this problem and think that wil be repair?
Many thanks.

Mario Macrì
Will get fixed, thx.
Well, now I see the album title, but every album repeats the name of the artist. It's better if I see the year of the album...
just another little bug... the artist page don't charge the various album where is present the same artist. Before I saw the artist album and his partecipation in other various album...
... but I think that is a problem of the new Kodi software!!!