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Full Version: Run a playlist from Kore
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I have a few typical noob's questions. I've connected a Kore app on my Android phone to a Kodi on a Windows laptop. It seems to be working but I'm still unable to do a few simple thingss. Namely:
- shuffle songs from my library - I can do it through Kodi but cannot find any function that would allow it in Kore,
- access playlists - my music menu in Kore is limited to Artists, Albums, Gernes, Songs, Music Videos. Any way to run a playlist without having to look at my computer screen?

Are these tasks even possible to perform through Kore or am I trying to do the impossible?
Thanks for all responses!

That's not (yet) possible to do through Kore.
This is really annoying.
Does anyone know another kodi-client app which would allow saving and retrieving playlists ? Kodi-stored playlists or local playlists stored on the phone eventually.
Or any extension which would allow to treate a playlist like a genre, or a big album, which could be retrieved as such on the kore-side...
For syncing my music from Linux to my android phone using my WiFi connection rather than USB (MTP) I recently switched to airsonic which makes my playlists available offline (including syncing the needed files to my android device).
Having this in kodi would be awesome because kodi has better usability and system integration than airsonics web interface.

The following issue should be the related feature request for the missing playlists view in kore: