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Full Version: Suddenly episodes not being found though name correct
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I am using Kodi 16.1 "Jarvis" on the nvidia shield tv and everything was working just fine but suddenly when I add an episode to my library that's on my connected external harddrive it does not add the episode to my library when I update.
All the previous things from the external are there. Now here's the od thing when I manually go to the external through the file system I can see the episode if I choose the submenu for it and click episode information than it updates and adds itself to the library. In the file the name is for example timeless - s01e07 and after hitting episode information it will change to s01e07.

Also I started to get a message "couldn't download information Unable to connect to remote server. would you like to continue scanning?"
I suspect your error message tells you all - there were some timeout problems on thetvdb, and I presume you're using that. If that's the case, you can't scrape and add to the library as you can't get any information from their site.

Try again. I scanned a couple earlier with no problems, and others have reported success today as well.