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Full Version: Translations of skins
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I just wondered if anyone could shine some light on the current status of translations of skins?

Transifex is not getting updated (last update July the 25th) and no translations are being commited at Github for any skin (as far as I can tell).

Last update for Rapier is also July the 25th.

after waiting for 1.5 years, i'd say it's best to just forget about our transifex service and start looking for alternatives.
back to old days where every addon dev would handle their own translations by asking users on the forum.
Ah, ok I see.

Too bad, as I really really liked the automations and integration with Github.
perhaps one day... i don't know
I have created my own Transifex project for the Rapier skin - at least until the official one is up and running again (if ever)

For anyone interested: please join it to help translate this skin.

--link removed--
Everyone should use the official project again: https://www.transifex.com/teamxbmc/kodi-...in-rapier/


New commit from txtranslation about 2 hours ago for both our skins Big Grin
Yes, looks like it's up and running again Smile

Is it possible to synch all skin from Github? So I can work with the last files for all skins in french.
The files are not merged since 4 month, and Transifex use it.
It can be good if txtranslation does an update.
@mikeSiLVO: I need to know what's based file you use? I think it's en-gb after read your last commit.