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Full Version: max size of Hard Disk to hook to box
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Hi all , new member here , I was using a "WD live hub" before , to Watch my pictures and small movies.
now using the new Android box , got Kodi 16.1 Jarvis installed already.
I have a question , when hooking up a new hard disk via a usb port ,
is there a size limit , like 2To ,( the WD live hub could not take more than 2 To hard disk)
now days the stores sell "4 To hard disks" , could I hook that bigger size HD to the
Android box , or would it just look in there and be confused and lag forever Huh?
. Thanks for any answer , I got no result with a quick search , using search button .
Nothing to do with kodi, that's down to the android os.
FWIW I have a 5TB drive connected to a Beelink mini mxiii - works fine.
As far as I know, Android only supports hard drives formatted as Fat32. Unfortunately, Fat32 is limited to ~32Gbytes. What's worse the maximum file size is 4GB which makes it almost unusable for HD movies.
To enable larger harddrives you either need NTFS, EXT3 or EXT4 formatted harddrives. NTFS is the most used since it is compatible with Windows. EXT3 end EXT4 are common formats in the Linux world.
Android doesn't support NTFS out of the box afaik but you could use an app like Paragon NTFS on android to mount that filesystem which might solve your problem.
I can only say I've just been upstairs to check ('cos you made me doubt myself - haven't touched android on that box for months), booted my beelink into android (lollipop) and watched a bit of video in spmc from my 5TB NTFS drive. So it's a definite maybe.
Edit: thinking about it I can also access an ext4 partition from android - IIRC apps like app2sd / link2sd use ext4.
Thanks to boh of you ,
I figure I called my new toy " my Kodi Box " , so asking my question here
is the wrong place , realise it now ....
I will keep experimenting , all the stuff you are talking about is chinese to me
gotta learn more ....
BTW , my Android box is Leelbox Q1 , and I have hooked a 2 To hard disk to it ,
, just hit " local" , go to the 2To , and no problem displaying super fast and box reads
all files , justhave to test later with bigger hard disk ,