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Full Version: tapatalk ads
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remove that shit please
I expect a clearer explanation.
tapatalk plugin is adding a huge friggin ad to install their app when browsing the forum from a mobile device. When I updated tapatalk plugin I always removed that crap upfront.
At least thanks for being a bit more clear. Now try being a bit nicer about it. My god.
Why don't you go ahead and fix it yourself by the way. There was no update done to Tapatalk and I'm not your friggin slave.
sorry, seems my reply came over wrong. The anger was towards tapatalk, as they still show crap even if you disable it in the settings IIRC
WTF, somebody messed with the forum and plugins and didn't add these changes to GIT. The second anybody pushes something to GIT now, all the rest will be reset
I removed the tapatalk crap now by changing the files on the server. Way too much trouble trying to figure out what people changed on the forum without updating GIT
Thanks! Sorry for being a bit short but ads pisses me off and i tend to spew more than necessary when angry so i cut it short. You wouldnt have liked my initial formulation better trust me Wink
(2016-12-10, 21:13)Kib Wrote: [ -> ]At least thanks for being a bit more clear. Now try being a bit nicer about it. My god.

Sorry but, the topic starter wasn't that rude at all. He just mentioned the word "shit". Or am I getting something wrong?
kib was referring to my post Smile
Ah ok...
On topic: I do agree that the Tapatalk ads can be very intrusive!
It's all good guys, I was at home with a huge headache and the attitude hit me wrong Smile