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Full Version: search turns up no results
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I installed my new MXQ for Android and tested it with an MP3 player. It sees files fine, plays them fine. However, three problems:
1. I click the left arrow on my keyboard and scroll down to search. Whether I enter Artist or Title for a track definitely on the MP3 player, I get a blank screen with three dots at the top.
2. I don't see Genre anyplace on the KODI screen, year, track #, etc., but no Genre.
3. The magnifying glass button on my MXQ kevboard only works with some apps. Any fast way to get into KODI music search, instead of left arrow, then scroll down?
Have you actually scanned your files into a library? It sounds like you are just looking in file view mode.
I ripped them and put them onto the external. KODI shows them, I can scroll through them, KODI plays them. But the search doesn't work. Is scanning them into a library different? Will Genre show up?
Yes, and yes presumming that your music files are adequately tagged Smile

You need to add a music source and then either when promptde (some versions do) or from the context menu of that source choose "Scan to library"
I have read the Wiki over and over again. I still cannot figure out how to scan files to my library. I don't see a scan button, I don't see a context menu, I don't know how to "exit library mode." Can you please explain it in simple, easy-to-follow steps?
You can't get simpler than the wiki. Which page are you following?
(2016-12-13, 09:39)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Which page are you following?
This one. On my screen, I am unable to see any of these:
"Library Mode (checkmark on the left)"
"Context Menu"
"Scan Item to Library"
Make sure you are in the Files view and highlight the source you've added containing your music, then open Context menu (how to open this varies depending on input device, for example with a keyboard use the C key) for this source and then you should see "Scan item to library".
(2016-12-13, 14:21)jjd-uk Wrote: [ -> ]with a keyboard use the C key
That worked. I wonder why neither the Wiki nor the media player manufacturer mentioned this. They load KODI as the default player and advertise it as "powerful."
The wiki does mention it, but unfortunately, clicking on the 'context menu' link on that music page does not take you to it.

For ref, this page contains an explanation of the context menu, the sidebar menu and possibly some other stuff you may or may not already have found out. http://kodi.wiki/view/Home_screen_and_basic_controls
I guess I will have to pore over every page of the Wiki now.