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Full Version: 3D aliasing issues
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Dear kodi users,

I've got the issue that when playing 3D movies with kodi (16.1 linux) I have each now and then aliasing that I don't have when I play the respective file with the same TV display settings using the internal video player of my TV (LG EF9509) via the kodi upnp share. Especially hair in animated movies. I realized that with HSBS and HTAB coded 3D files in mkv containers.

Is there a setting in kodi I'm missing or an anti-aliasing option in xorg.conf?


dmesg output

Anything else of interest?

Thanks for your help.
it's not aliasing you are seeing for sure, the video is rendered as one huge quad, there is no geometry to anti-alias.
do you mean tearing ? or maybe interlacing artifacts ?
Thanks for you answer. I made a pic with my smartphone while I put the TV in 2D mode while kodi was put in stereoscopic mode (i.e., just one stream was shown.)


you can see what I mean on the leftern side of Santa's beard and hair.

Thanks again.
Mind changing the upscaler to lanczos3? While playing the video press the settings and use scaling method: Lanczos 3?

With a kodi Debug Log one can say more
Sorry for the belated answer and thanks for the hint to use another upscaling method. Unfortunately, the issue persists.

Here's the log-file: kodi.log