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Full Version: Kodi on Odroid C2 with Ubuntu
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I've recently bought an Odroid C2 and I want to install Kodi either with Hardkernel's image of Ubuntu or Canonical's Ubuntu (I need a fully featured Linux distribution, if I don't find any, I'll probably move to OpenElec or LibreElec).

Does anyone know of a reliable repository I can get the latest official Kodi from? I mean both beta and final versions. Or... does Canonical's Ubuntu already give me all that even though it's Amlogic ARM based?

I'm new to Linux, so I'm still in the learning curve. Blush

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
As locomot1f references, go with libreelec. I am running that on a C2 and having good results.

As you are new to linux that will get something working immediately as you get up to speed.