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Full Version: Way to pause once current track finishes?
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Often when I want to pause music, it's because I need to do something for a bit that would interfere (watch a short video online, perhaps, or make a call). In such cases, the exact timing of the pause isn't critical, and I would prefer to finish listening to the current song uninterrupted before pausing and doing my thing. Is there a way I can set up a hotkey or button to queue up such a pause so I don't have to notice the song ending and remember to pause at the right time?
Really? Pressing pause is perfectly easy Wink
(2016-12-12, 23:55)lrusak Wrote: [ -> ]Really? Pressing pause is perfectly easy Wink

Sure, but timing it right is annoying. Try it yourself, and the majority of the time it won't just require a non-trivial effort to get right, you'll actually miss the window between songs and end up having waited 2-4 minutes and still pausing a song in the middle.
unfortunately you'll find most of the kodi team members pretty condescending rather than helpful Sad
I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying that it's probably not even worth it Wink