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Full Version: Streaming via Allcast to Chromecast
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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question. I am pretty tech savvy but this has been stumping me for days now. I am using Kodi on my Samsung Tab A 10.1 using Allcast to stream to my Chromecast. Alot of the videos play via chromecast fine with zero issues in quality and sound. However there are some videos that dont and give a weird error with the little shit emoji saying something about "No Codec found" "visit handlebar.fr" I have the 1st generation Chromecast....does Chromecast not support all video formats? Kinda weird that Google would drop the ball on that...if thats the case is there some sort of work around for this so I can watch everything Kodi via Chromecast? Or do I need to get a roku or firestick to play everything? Anyone know? I have been searching google for hours and cannot find a straight answer.
This is not a Chromecast forum, but no the Chromecast does not support all video formats.

Plug your Kodi device into your tv via HDMI.
We need a Chromecast official intergation with kodi, I have chromecast, and like some Kodi addons that I only can play with Chromecast. Using playercore xml method to play to Chromecast but would be great to have integrated support.
I would like to now if it is in the roadmap of kodi to integrate casting function native to the platform. I have used chromecast with plex and it works fine, it would be nice to have the same on kodi
Ask google when they will open the format.
(2017-01-13, 00:37)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Ask google when they will open the format.

Oh what format google is must to open? I cast video to chromecast from kodi with yatse app. It can send video. I think if they can kodi have same ability
Kodi is open source, Yatse is not. Hence it can use a closed binary blob for casting, which Kodi cannot.
Having the same problem and am prompted to go to handbrake.fr but am having trouble finding a tutorial or something which will tell me how to install handbrake on my galaxy s6. If anyone here knows I would really appreciate the help. Thank you