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Full Version: DivX Connected™ GUI/skin looks supriseingly fresh and cool
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I really like those animations and tweens Shocked


DivX Connected™ in the News: http://www.divx.com/connected/news.php?c...nl1207_012

DivX Connected Walkthrough - English - HD

DivX Connected UI Skinability Demo

Checkout the intro video here and then tell me that it is not cool how actual album art, movie covers, and pictures, are all used in the home menu animation (sliding in seemingly random from the right as if they ware paper foto prints tossed onto a table).

...again, it is mostly the home menu which with it's smooth animations left me with a very possitive first impression.

What do you all think? ...could animations in the home menu of the Fluid skin impress first time users as well?

Big Grin
Would be cool if we could steel the right side + animation (actual album art, movie covers, and pictures) and put it on the right blade on the home menu?
I agree, very, very cool animation! Not sure how we could integrate that into the home screen but we could probably think of something. If not, maybe somewhere else in the skin
timdog82001 Wrote:If not, maybe somewhere else in the skin
yeah, maybe as a new view-mode in the pictures/photos section?
that would be cool for sure...I would say adopt it onto the left side as there would be loads of space there to mess with
IMO the photo-polaroids getting thrown across is a little bit tacky. It's a nice enough interface moving around and all that, but that particular thing just doesn't feel like the kind of fresh, clean image we're going for.

I don't think it's the the icons they like,it's the animation of them.The image could be anything.

Myself,I would rather see a pic-lens/Cooliris type photo viewer.A much more fresh and modern look.