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Full Version: Kodi displays MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID as artist
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my library is almost entirely tagges by Musicbrainz Picard and that usally works just fine with Kodi. However, I have some albums for which the ALBUMARTISTID is displayed as artist in the library view. The tracks of this album are tagged like that:

Output from metaflac --list, but it has happend with flac and mp3 alike.
comments: 37
    comment[0]: GENRE=Classical
    comment[1]: COMMENT=
    comment[2]: BAND=Gidon Kremer
    comment[3]: COMPOSER=Astor Piazzolla
    comment[4]: TITLE=Tango Ballet: II. La calle
    comment[5]: TOTALDISCS=1
    comment[6]: LABEL=TELDEC
    comment[7]: TOTALTRACKS=13
    comment[8]: MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID=e280268a-a5ab-4bb0-be4d-ec470ca59131
    comment[9]: MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID=e2c8b2ea-8b6e-4d6e-9ea5-e2b34b073045
    comment[10]: MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID=213d03ad-55ad-4ba1-aeb6-2220273f2b76
    comment[11]: MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMARTISTID=bbb1689a-0f96-49b7-9126-e73569dc9b48
    comment[12]: DATE=1999-07-06
    comment[13]: DISCNUMBER=1
    comment[14]: TRACKTOTAL=13
    comment[15]: MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASETRACKID=7d419414-b919-3854-857b-2daa8f787cc7
    comment[16]: WEBSITE=http://www.kremerata-baltica.com/
    comment[17]: ASIN=B00000J9HQ
    comment[18]: ALBUMARTISTSORT=Piazzolla, Astor; Kremer, Gidon, Astor Quartet, Kremerata Baltica Chamber Orchestra
    comment[19]: ORIGINALDATE=1999-07-06
    comment[20]: SCRIPT=Latn
    comment[21]: MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID=57554ade-df8e-4797-8d46-fdc52e48c9cb
    comment[22]: RELEASESTATUS=official
    comment[23]: ALBUMARTIST=Astor Piazzolla; Gidon Kremer, Astor Quartet, Kremerata Baltica
    comment[24]: ALBUM=Tango Ballet
    comment[25]: MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID=e280268a-a5ab-4bb0-be4d-ec470ca59131
    comment[26]: MEDIA=CD
    comment[27]: RELEASETYPE=album
    comment[28]: ORIGINALYEAR=1999
    comment[29]: ARTIST=Astor Piazzolla
    comment[30]: MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASEGROUPID=1986b23e-29dd-3eb2-b620-ef9d716dfdcb
    comment[31]: DISCTOTAL=1
    comment[32]: BARCODE=639842266123
    comment[33]: MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID=1e89c81c-7c15-45d7-9d12-7909c78a9cbc
    comment[34]: ARTISTSORT=Piazzolla, Astor
    comment[35]: ARTISTS=Astor Piazzolla
    comment[36]: TRACKNUMBER=2

The text shown in the library overview is the ID in comment[10].

When I go the album view it's just displayed fine, also on the track information from the context menu.

So far, I've noticed that oddity only with classical recordings.

Any idea what could be the problem there?

If my explanation was not understandable, I'm happy to provide some screen shots.

Best Thanks!
This is a well known issue that can occur when you have multiple album artists as often happens with classical music, in this case Astor Piazzolla, Gidon Kremer, Astor Quartet, and Kremerata Baltica. Kodi is failing to identify what artist name goes with each Musicbrainz albumartist id tag. Prior to v17 Kodi only applies one separator (" / " by default) so the ALBUMARTIST tag as comes from Picard, with names separated by ";" or "," is not split correctly.

In v16 onwards the addition of a ALBUMARTISTS (note the s) tag can be used to give Kodi the infomation it needs. This can be created by Picard, but unfortuately is not a default (you have to add a script to get it automatically). Either add multiple tags, one for each name, or a single value using the space-slash-space separator between names. See http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2450369

In v17 Kodi will handle the tagging as it is (although using an ALBUMARTISTS tag could make scanning marginally quicker).

So solution is either add ALBUMARTISTS tags, or switch to v17.
Thanks your this clarification.

It's rather a minor issue, so I guess I'll just wait for v17.
Or you could try out beta Smile
I can confirm that this issue (and countless other bugs) are solved in Kodi v17. I'd encourage everyone to try out the beta. Kodi is turning with v17 into the by far best music library. You will only notice how great it is once you use it. DaveBlake has done an amazing job!
Steve you are too kind. There is much more to come in v18 Smile
I would second Steve1977 comments DaveBlake has done a great job, the beta is perfectly stable for music playing

now all we need is the correct artwork showing when a playlist is playing rather than the track in focus and it will be perfect (at least for me) Smile Smile