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Full Version: Autoplay/Play Next Song
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I'm trying to get my music to automatically play the next song, but it just keeps playing the same song. I've changed my playback settings for music, movies, video and tv to automatically play the next, but it doesn't. When one video/song opens up, another stream opens up right after it causing a bit of a delayed pause before playing. I've asked this before and was told to click on Context Player on the folder and then press play, but that didn't work. TIA for your help!
You mention "stream", so you are talking about using an addon to play streamed music? If so this would be better off in the Music addons section. The playback settings relate to the music library, likewise the context menu advise.

BTW repeating a post in a new thread a day or so later isn't the best etiquette, and please use standard size fonts etc. for a general support request.
I'm new here and I searched on this before posting, but my search didn't address my exact problem. I was just trying to get an answer to my question since my previous thread was closed and I could not reply/continue further. I also have low vision, so that's the reason for the large fonts. Thanks.