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Full Version: DialogMusicInfo.xml
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I am working on creating a kodi media center control for my four year old son. Therefore I plan to assemble a raspi, a touchscreen and a touchscreen case with a battery and bluetooth speakers. My plans are, that he can carry the touchscreen and the bluetooth speakers wherever he wants in the house and listen to his audio files using kodi.

As re-touched is the ideal skin to offer him a brilliant look&feel, I started experimenting with skinning. I am a complete newbie and managed to solve some requirements already, but now I'm stuck!

I would like to start playing albums from the album view and I already found out how I can manage to do that. Unfortunately, the description I have for this states, that it needs to be done from the "DialogMusicInfo.xml" file. Unfortnately, I don't find that file in re-touched...

Would you please help me locate the file where I can do this?

Kind regards,

it depends on your kodi version...

if it's v16, have a look at DialogAlbumInfo.xml

in case you're using v17, you'd have to code the file yourself (merging DialogAlbumInfo.xml / DialogSongInfo.xml).
I didn't expect an answer so quickly!

I am using v16.1 and found the file!