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Full Version: RTSP Streaming Glitches
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I have a UniFi G3 video camera from UBNT. The DVR supports rtsp streams of various resolutions. I've created a .strm file with the rtsp link in it and I'm able to view the camera stream.

However, there are many digital glitches in the stream. Like when watching a bad DVD, parts of the images glitch, then after a while it corrects. The glitches occur both with Jarvis on an Amazon Fire Stick running Andoird and with Helix on an Intel NUC running Ubuntu, and are independent of stream resolution.

If I watch the stream via VLC on a Windows PC, the stream plays perfectly, so I think this is a Kodi issue. I've not had any other streaming issues with either Kodi install; this problem seems to be specific to the rtsp protocol.

Is there anything I can do to improve the quality / avoid the glitches? Thanks!