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Full Version: Searching movies and music
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Hi All,

I am completely new to Kodi. My current setup was a Mezzmo server (running on Windows) that contains about 3500 movies and around 6000 music files. I used to stream the media using my Blu-Ray/DVD player.

I have just purchased an Amazon Fire TV 4K and thought it would be great to view all my media on that rather than the DVD player I currently use. Looking around the web, it was suggested everywhere that I use Kodi. I installed Kodi on the Fire TV which went on with no problems. I am using Kodi all in it's default settings and have changed nothing.

I then went to 'Video', 'Files' and selected the 'Add Videos'. Mezzmo shows up under the uPNP devices. I selected my video folders and that all went ok. I can now browse all the movies, read the metadata and even get the image of the film cover. The ones I have tried all stream great.

Then I saw the search function on the pull-out window on the left hand side of the page. But no matter what I type in the search, it doesn't find anything. I have tried a variety of ways of typing it including using the percentage sign as some documentation says.

I then saw there was a global search add-on so I followed the instructions and installed that. Again, it always says 'no results found' even though I know there is more than one movie that contains that search word.

The other things I noticed is that the search is extremely quick. I would expect it to take a few seconds for that many movies to search. It was the same when I added it to the library, it asked if I wanted to refresh my library and warned me that it may take a long time. It literally finished in the blink of an eye.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance.