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Full Version: Black screen playing DVD content, either directory structure or iso
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As of mid-week last week any DVDs stored on my local Samba server no longer play. When I try to play them I get a black screen with no audio.

I'm running on a pretty new Amazon Fire TV (new within the last month). This was on Kodi 17 Beta 6, but I updated it to Beta 7 before opening this thread. I believe the AFTV OS updated itself during the week, but I wasn't paying close enough attention to be able to say that update correlated with the DVD's no longer playing.

Log file is here: http://pastebin.com/TVSNmrAs

In the log I tried to play a few things, then turned on debug logging and tried to play 1 directory-based DVD and 1 iso-based DVD.

I have tried turning off hardware encoding at "Settings > Player > Videos > Allow hardware acceleration - MediaCodec (Surface)" and at "Settings > Player > Videos > Allow hardware acceleration - MediaCodec". Those didn't have any noticable affect.

I have also tried turning on the switch at "Settings > Player > Discs > Attempt to skip introduction before DVD menu" which also didn't have any noticable affect.

How can I figure out what got messed up and how to fix it? Any suggestions?