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Full Version: Movie extras... naming and location
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Ok so I used XBMC pretty much since day one on a dedicated HTPC...

Since those days I've changed to a NAS with media players like the Roku and an Nvidia Shield.

On the Roku I use Plex since I don't really have a choice and I have both Kodi and Plex on my Shield.
In the HTPC days I had a separate directory for my movie extras with an individual folder for each movie with the extras...at this point I can't remember which skin (probably AeonMQ) and which addon I used for XBMC to see all this.

To accommodate Plex which unless things have changed definitely handles the extras better... I have since moved all my extras in to each corresponding movie folder. So the main movie file and the extras are all in one folder.
For Plex to recognize these properly as extras I simply have to add one of the following to the end of the title

So for example 'Deleted Scenes-deleted.mkv' or 'The Making of A Clockwork Orange-behindthescenes.mkv'
When I select a movie in Plex these extras will be listed under the movie description.

So when I redo my movie library in Kodi on my Shield how can I get it to accept these files for what they are like Plex does or to simply ignore them all together and just use the movie file.