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Full Version: RESOLVED: Kodi 16 plays mkv files on WRONG screen
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I'm running Kodi 16.1 under 64-bit Windows 10 with a dual-display and dual display-adapter system. I've set the Kodi System settings to display video on screen # 2 (a HDTV) because screen 1 is just a small monitor, and I've also set the Kodi System setting to blank any other display.

This usually works perfectly -- enormous thanks, developers!! -- for DVDs and stand-alone mp4s, but whenever I try to play mkv files (all of mine are H.264 encoded), they ALWAYS play on the wrong screen!

Obviously, there's some mkv-specific code that erroneously ignores or mis-handles the screen number setting.

Is there any work-around, please?

Updae: I just installed Kodi 17 Beta 7 and tried playing mkv files, and it worked! Hooray!!

Thus, my OP can be ignored...