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Full Version: Ambilight 4k project
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I'm kind of new to this customization , I started out reading a lot of threads of ambilight projects and I've seen pretty nice ones, however , there are some question that are still going through my mind.

I bought a 4k Tv recently and after seeing the ambiligth effect, I have decided to build it in my tv too, however, since I'm also going to need an android box, what's the best way(and the most inexpensive one) of buying an ambilight setup?

I know that some boxes could run Openelec, however, I was looking for a Nvidia shield, and after that , I was not really into buying one raspberry or other arduino in other to control the light system.

Does anyone got an android box setup?

Forget about running boblight daemon on android. If it is possible only experienced developers would be able to achieve it. Go for an extra box which handles the leds.
I'm starting to think that's the best option, just gotta decide which way I'm gonna go, Raspberry, arduino or Fpga.

I'm gonna use the kodi as a principal platform, using a android box or other similar external source and I would like to make the best use of 4k ambilight .

I just would like to get some comments/thoughts of those of you who have tried already( for that similar end).

The strip I'm looking for is a ws2812 5m led strip,60leds/m,(144/m might be too much) and the controller , I think I'm gonna stick to the rasp3.

And what is the 4k refering to in your project?