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Full Version: openvpn config
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I have installed Kodi on my Amazon firestick. I have also installed openvpn addon to protect my connection. In the openvpn configuration in need to point to where openvpn is installed. As far as i know it is /usr/sbin/openvpn. Problem is, when i go to file manager, there is no usr folder or .kodi or .config folders. I have already enabled the file manager option to show hidden files. Someone please help. thanks.
This is a Kodi support forum, you require an Android specific forum such XDA.
Well i am trying to configure it in Kodi.
Oh it's an add-on?

Sorry, no idea. It's a 3rd party add-on and most of us don't use any VPN as Kodi doesn't require it.

I will move this to add-on support maybe somebody will be able to help.