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Full Version: Is there a addon "Mark/Resore" watched status?
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I used to have this cool addon that would backup and restore my watched status. I know there is a addon called watch list but that is intrusive and kinda pointless for what I am looking for. (No offense to the creator, It's just not what I'm looking for.)

I just need a simple program that has two options. 1. backup watched status, 2. restore watched status.. and that's it.

I could swear I had a addon that did just this, but I can't find it.

Does anyone know where I can find this addon?
Doesn't Trakt do this?
have you tried Last Played?

not only it will record your last viewed (last watched) content but you can set it up so that you can share across different builds, have a read on that thread. works with local and non-local content

best part is that it keeps all last played content in one location