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Full Version: Upgrading to Jarvis makes addon loose info
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I was using an addon (TV3cat) with Isengard. It had marked the videos I had watched. This info looks to be kept on userdata/Database/MyVideosXX.db

I upgraded to Jarvis and I lost the 'watched' flags
I downgraded to Isengard again, and this flags appear back

So it would seem that Jarvis doesn't know how to read this flags

Anything I can do withink Jarvis?


So can you confirm it's not a Kodi issue? Every add-on keeps its own info in the db file and it's responsible to retrieve it?

BTW, how do you contact the author of the addon? I don't see any contact in the github link


Every file or stream that kodi plays (incl from addons) should be in the MyVideosXX.db. When you update from one version to another, the database should be added to a new version and all information carried over to the new DB.

However the update can go wrong (usually from the user of the new version not realising the update is going on in the background, getting impatient and interrupting the process.)

Here are the db versions: http://kodi.wiki/view/database_versions

You could try deleting MyVideos99.db and restarting Jarvis. Don't interrupt the process, the machine may appear hung while the update happens.
Thanks. I think I know what went on. I had another MyVideos99.db in my userdata folder (I guess from a previous downgrade), so the new MyVideos99.db was not being generated. I deleted MyVideos99.db and it got generated again. Watched shows flags appeared again

BTW, is there a way to delete the 'watched flag' from the videos of the addons? I don't see an option