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Full Version: Scraping very short movie titles impossible?
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I have 2 movies in my library that WILL NOT scrape to the correct movies using the universal scraper.

I.T. (2016) -> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2679552/
I.Q. (1994) -> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110099/

Clearly you can see what they have in common.

The files are named, for example, I.Q. (1994).mkv and when scanned I get anything BUT the correct movie - and the manual refresh list does NOT contain the correct movie for me to pick, but dozens of entirely unrelated ones. If I make it IQ (1994).mkv with no periods, there's no improvement.

So... how can I get these listings corrected? Right now they just show as the first random incorrect result it gives, which isn't any help at all.
Make a file in the same directory called I.Q. (1994).nfo [1]. The file should contain on line


[1] ie exactly the same as your movie with the extension .nfo instead of .mkv
Thanks. Not the most elegant solution - hate creating needless files in my directories - but at least it works.
same here, but the solution works!