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Full Version: Homepage on refresh some rows jump to middle instead of start
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OK this is a bit hard to explain so ill try my best this never happend on V1, but im running estuary latest master nightly and ive experienced this since jumping to V2 at the start and still do. on the homepage every item starts at the beginning you scroll across 15 items to the right to scroll through them. but occasionally if i play a video some rows reset to the middle so when you scroll down its on the 7th item and you can basically go left or right or hit back to reset to the 1st item. in V1 the rows always started at the first position so it looked neat now when i play a video and go back to home some rows are no longer straight as its scrolled to the middle hopefully you get what im saying here. hopefully the intended behavior would be it always starts at beginning unless you actually go down to that row play something then it saves that position which it seems to do for stuff but i have rows resetting to middle im not actually even playing from just stuff i scrolled down to before (but not even across to the right) but back up to another row play video then the other row im not even on resets to middle. hope im making sense. it only happens when refresh triggers after you play a file and it refreshes the content showed on the homepage.

I am running on Android TV (bravia) is anyone else experiencing this problem.

EDIT: happens on windows 10 also. just triggered it.