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Full Version: WatchList-addon does it work?
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OK, first happy holidays to all.

Second I have the watch list addon added, I backed up its database.. how on earth do I restore my database after redoing it?

its seems to work fine for movies but doesn't do squat for TV shows.. am I missing something?

Any help is deeply needed, I have way too many tv series (over 200) with way too many seasons with way too many epidodes to lose my watched status!

Please help!
Works great for me. Long time since I've gone into the inner workings but I think it just creates a copy of your videoXX.db file.
Ok, thanks for the response.. but I rebuilt my database from scratch, (and still have all the backups the addon made, a ton of them, so I have database backups of watched status) How do I restore my watched status from the backups to kodi?

It only seems to backup the watched status from Kodi to the backup database? Not vice versa? Which is kinda pointless if you can't restore..
If you deleted or renamed your videoXX.db file then all. Your library and watched entries will be gone.
After its all gone with the empty videoXX.db file set the content to add the items to the library. When you click the watched status addon again it is going to find all the shows that were previously watched and mark them as such. Job done.