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Full Version: Data pull from TMDB
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For some time now, getting data from TMDB after scraping is very slow at most times. I wonder if this may be due to the API restricting data flow? I question because with my API key I can get data without the delays here, but I know it could be a number of things. My question is that if it is possible it is the API key used causing delay, can we have an option to enter and use our own API key? I guess this can also apply to TVDB.
as far as i know there is no throttling from tmdb side (we will throttle at tmm side to do not exceed the API restrictions - but a different API key will not behave different)

at the moment there are no plans to create custom API keys, but I will discuss that with myron
Quoting TMDb Docs.
Quote:We do enforce a small amount of rate limiting. Our current limits are 40 requests every 10 seconds and are limited by IP address, not API key. You can think of this is being burstable to 40 in a single second, or as an average of 4 requests/second. The timer will reset 10 seconds from your first request within the current 10 second "bucket". This means that if you trigger the limit you will have to wait up to 9 seconds before the timer resets but depending where you are within the 10 second window, it could be the very next second.

So unless you are sharing ip and using tmm, with someone else , the limits remain the same.