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Full Version: Movie Scraper
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Hi all,

I'm new to KODI so please forgive me if I'm not seeing the obvious.

I recently bought a Odroid C1+ for my TV and it loads beautifully. I then moved my 4 TB hard drive with almost 1,000 HD movies from my PC over to the TV going through the C1+ and expected to see all of my Movie posters and Info as I did on the PC but unfortunately I only have the movies and cant find a way to make KODI search and update all my posters and info which were already there on the PC.

What am I not doing, missing or did something get left on the PC that wont transfer over with the HDD because I have sat for hours with the KODI on the TV and I cannot make it scrape the HDD and update all the great artwork that was on the PC only hours ago.

I don't even want any of the add-ons, I simply want my Movie Library on the TV with the great format that KODI provided on my PC

You need to scrape the movies to your library.
I have tried that. I ensured that the scrapers were enabled but still nothing. Please try to walk me through this in case I am still missing a step.
The quick start guide will put you on the right track First time user (wiki) Quick start guide (wiki) my fingers are too tired for a walk through....check out the links in my sig for a bit more overflow.
Hi PatK,

I thank you for your input and I have read both sections mentioned by you before coming into the forum and have done everything as suggested and I think the problem lies elsewhere because the drive was correct and was showing all the proper metadata before moving it to the C1+ attached to my TV and when I click to "update" the library it sees everything as it should and doesn't try to add anything like I thought and know that it should because it's not seeing any issues because everything was well, It is assuming that all is right and try as I might I cannot make it do it's thing and re-scrape the movies again so that everything shows up as it did originally.

Doug, did you export your library to separate files when on the PC? That would place all the meta-data Kodi holds for each movie in the same folder (if each movie has it's own folder?) Then using the C1 define your source and change the scrapers to local information only (don't forget to switch it back to a real scraper after you're done) and it will pull all the meta-data in if there's room for all the thumbs etc.. allow a bit of time for this to happen (hopefully you have a few sources and not 1000 movies in a flat file, that will take a lot of time for Kodi to pull in the artwork and make a thumbnail of it) less than 30 minutes. Sources to be quick and fast shouldn't be too big.

The difference between the systems is the pathing, In your PC the userdata folder contains your per-established thumbnails, connected to your library and even if you moved this to the C1, This needs to be rebuilt otherwise the path to the thumbnails would no longer be accurate.

A simple scraper change will bring the scraper of a source to life.

thank you so much. All my movies are separate on a dedicated HDD and I have no problem if KODI takes all day. I just need to look into the scraper change now and let it do it's thing.


nothing works as simple on the Odroid C1+ as it does on the PC but I think that I have it thanks to you.

I did everything as you suggested and all of a sudden it flew through 1,000 movies in less than a minute but nothing really happened apart from it read all my movies. Then I remembered that you said "Don't forget to switch back to a real scraper after you're done" and now its going through them one at a time doing what it did when I first started with KODI on my PC.

I'll let it do it's thing and report back but I have to tell you now that I am so grateful for the time that you took to help me on this issue.

A Happy New Year to you and all the helpful people in this and forums like this,

omphfff, I forgot to mention that when you switch scrapers you are presented with a requester to deny a fresh scrape or not. If you've flown through the source already, the second is kinda redundant unless you don't have the proper meta-data in the folders, then it will go to the internet and grab what it needs. Switching scrapers dumps the source, and then rescans with the new scraper, unless you deny the scrape. I often switch scrapers if one meta-database has the listing and an other does not whihc means my library is put together by multiple scrapers, and no single scan will bring it all back unless it's local information only.

No problem with my time, just hope you find a resolve with this. Yup, Seasons Greetings

alright my movies all haven their metadata back but it too Kodi almost seven hours to do it, no biggie though.

I did make one mistake and that was listening to someone else in a post about the scrapers. You see last time I used IMDB for my scraper and I had read that the one to use ws the Universal scraper and oh boy that was a mistake.

You see, when I used IMDB I only had a dozen movies that I had to manually alter but this time there's about 80 and this is from a library that was perfect before I had to redo everything, oh well I'm just happy that I have my Movie posters and data back.

I actually find universal scraper pretty good, it's all in the settings of the scraper. Now change the scrape once more, and try it on the remaining few in a manual fashion and see if you can 100% after you are satisfied, be sure to export as separate files to ensure a local scrape if needed.