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Full Version: Help would be appreciated
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Hey guys. Recently new to Kodi. When I first started using Kodi my main menu background fantastic art worked. It recently updated to Jarvis and now it doesn't work no matter what I try to get it to work. Any help or advice from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Getting aggravated with it not working. Someone help!
Are you using the default skin or an add on skin?
Did you check to make sure the right addons were enabled?
I'm not sure. I have add on installer. I am using the confluence skin. What all needs to be enabled?
This isn't a support forum (Kodi related discussions) but a thread for discussions around the software and you didn't mention what operating system you are running so I can't slot this into a proper support forum. The settings in Confluence Add-on:Confluence (wiki) http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=125 should contain a skin menu for the home page and should allow for a background change by browsing to a path. It's useful to mention the o/s and Kodi version, the issue and a proper debug log (wiki) posted to a public patebin and that URL linked back to your thread.

I will move this thread along to Confluence.