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Full Version: Timeshift and TSReader not working
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I am running MediaPortal 2 Spring'16 Release with TVServerKodi v1.13.100.136 on the backend as multiseat and using Kodi 16.1 as my frontend. I am having trouble getting live TV working with timeshifting. I was able to get live TV working if I set the streaming method in the MediaPortal PVR Client to ffmpeg. However, I could not timeshift and changing channels took forever. I wanted to get TV working with TSReader as the streaming method because my understanding is that is supposed to be much faster with switching channels. When I set the streaming method to TSReader and then try to tune a channel I either get an error telling me the channel could not be played and to check the logs or the wheel spins for a while like the channel is going to load but then nothing happens. I believe my issue with not being able to timeshift is related to my not being able to use TSReader since TSReader is supposed to read right from the stream buffer.

I have turned off the Windows firewall on the machine running the MediaPortal TV server just to rule it out. I can browse to the UNC shares I created on the server for timeshifting and recording from Windows Explorer as well as the Kodi file manager on machine running Kodi. These shares have read and write permission granted to everyone. I also created a generic account specifically for accessing the shares from my devices that will run Kodi and entered those credentials in the MediaPortal PVR client. With or without the credentials makes no difference. If I enable use RTSP streaming in the MediaPortal PVR client, when I try to tune a channel I get an error saying PVR client has no RTSP support.

Here is a link to my Kodi log file: http://pastebin.com/8nFmPKFv

Hopefully someone can help me figure this out.
Your log clearly states that the addon cannot access your timeshift share:
17:08:26 T:8528 NOTICE: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Cannot access 'D:\MediaPortal\Timeshifting\live3-0.ts.tsbuffer' directly. Assuming multiseat mode. Need to translate to UNC filename. 17:08:26 T:8528 NOTICE: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Translate path D:\MediaPortal\Timeshifting\live3-0.ts.tsbuffer -> smb://KOLBNET-SERVER1/Timeshifting/live3-0.ts.tsbuffer 17:08:26 T:8528 ERROR: AddOnLog: MediaPortal PVR Client: Cannot find or access file: smb://KOLBNET-SERVER1/Timeshifting/live3-0.ts.tsbuffer. Check share access rights.

Recheck your addon settings, share permissions and try to use the server ip instead of the hostname.
@pĆ¼nktchen, thanks a million. I got it working now.