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Full Version: Thumbnail sizing / cropping wrong
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Trying out the latest build, I'm having a problem with the thumbnails being sized wrong / cropped. On the main page they seem ok:

if i go into the Movies menu they get messed up

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or how to fix this? I am running in a 21:9 aspect ratio, if that matters.
hmm weird.
What kodi and skin version are you using exactly?
It's beta 7 just default version that comes with it
Build: Kodi 17.0-BETA7 Git:20161219-eed32e7
Compiled: Dec 19 2016
I have noticed the same in RC1. Images or cropped/zoomed in the Wall view in Movies, but display fine/full in the widgets on the home screen.
Now the home page is cropped the same way.. didn't do anything except restart
I'm running RC2 now, and still noticed the problem. To ensure I was seeing new results, I deleted my Texture DB and restarted Kodi. However, I was wrong: the image is fine both on the Home window and on the Wall view. The cropping is happening in the Info view:

This image shows the proper images in the Wall view: https://rpcameron.net/kodi/wall-no_clip.png

This image show the Info window of a title, but the image is clipped (note on the left of the image where the title is, as well as the text "Franka Potenta" is clipped): https://rpcameron.net/kodi/info-clip.png
I'll go install rc2 and see. how do I delete the texture cache?

So, in your userdata folder is a Database folder. In that folder is a file that starts with Texture followed by a number representing the version of the database. Delete the file and Kodi will recreate it upon next restart.
same thing with rc2.. I figured out how to reproduce it sort of. If I change resolution, restart kodi and then change resolution back then the homepage goes back to normal. As soon as I restart kodi after that the aspect / cropping is off again. The icons are one thing, you can also notice it on the icons for power / settings the highlight isn't quite round. The movie wall view is always off.

I'm running 1080p with 140 pixels taken off the top and bottom in video config to make the interface fit the 21:9 screen. Which is roughly 1920x800 I'm pretty sure the problem is related to this.
This still happens in RC3
You are changing the aspect ratio during runtime without a skin reload, thats the problem.
Is there any way around this?

(2017-01-19, 23:53)phil65 Wrote: [ -> ]You are changing the aspect ratio during runtime without a skin reload, thats the problem.
Don't do it! Wink

If you have to then map a button to refresh the skin.
I have to adjust the viewport size so it fits on my screen
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