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Full Version: Movie name scrapers not working properly
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Hi all, first post here.

I've recently formatted my PC and installed win10 with it. Picked up Kodi Krypton from the win10 app store and i've been trying to configure it. Previous point: i've been using Kodi/XBMC for years, never had this kind of issue.

What happens is that wether i choose the "tmdb" move scraper or "universal movie scraper", my movie names in all library appear in Brazilian Portuguese. I am portuguese but i don't have any setting or anything in portuguese, much less in brazilian portuguese. My windows is in english, my Kodi is in english, every setting i have on Kodi i say to appear in english (minus the subtitles), on the scraper settings i have tried "keep original title", tried forcing it to "USA/International" title, tried default values, etc. Every time it creates my library, the titles appear in portuguese.

After this, if i go to "movie information" on any movie and use refresh, it refreshes to the original title (in english).

Is there something i am missing? Is it any different on Krypton?

Thx for all the help i can get.