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Full Version: Howto move recordings from Raspberry to NAS?
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I currently built a MediaCenter using a Raspberry Pi 2 and Kodibuntu, and after a bit of testing, I think, it works fine.

Now I am working on a problem concerning recordings from TV.

I installed VDR as PVR-Addon, because it was the first, I got to work. Maybe there are better addons to do what I want. On the Raspberry, there is only 13 GB space left. So I wanted to make TV recordings on my NAS, but read, that this is not a good idea for speed reasons and because VDR is not able to write TV recordings on a network address.

So the thought came up to make a TV recording, and when it is finished to move it by script to the NAS. Then the flash card in the Raspberry is free again for the next recording session.

I searched for such a script, that may be relatively easy to write, but I did not find a script I understand. This one may work, but I do not know if it is the right one: http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.ph...adid=46896

Any suggestions? Do you know how other people do this task? Or am I on the wrong way?


Why don't you connect an external USB disk to the raspberry pi? If you move recordings VDR won't find it anymore and you have to play as normal videos. Means you lose some features of VDR.
Isn't it possible to mount an nfs or a cifs share to the local recordings directory on the rpi?

Greetings Hoppel

I have a wetek openelec (only 4Go) with pvr vdr vnsi, and I would like change the recording folder to a usb stick (128Go) but I don't find where I can do the change.
Is it possible ? How can I do ?

Thank you.

@toutatis Which vdr server version is shipped with your openelec version?
It's VDR PVR Backend 6.0.2
and VDR VNSI client 1.10.10
and openelec 6.0.3 and Kodi 15.2

Puuh, your versions are relatively old. I don't know this kind of versioning of your openelec vdr server. Maybe 6.0.2 = 2.0.2?

I am not firm with openelec. I use libreelec 7.1.0 (similar to openelec, but more current), windows 10 with kodi and android tv with spmc for my clients. My server has its own hardware.

I use the following versions:

- vdr server: 2.2.0
- vnsi server plugin: 1.5.2
- vnsi addon (kodi 16.1): 1.11.19

Are you firm with ssh (nano/vi, chmod, chown, ln -s and mount)?

Greetings Hoppel
thanks for your answer
I've got a wetek openelec box bought on this website http://wetek.com/ but now they have new products. and is preinstall. My box is similar to wetek play 2, older, dvb T tuner and no 4k
I can probably download new version from repository but which one ?
I try to install openelec on a SD card and the wetek box can boot on and use it as is own disk, I don't now if libreelec version exist for wetek.
I can use ssh but i'm not very good in command line,

thank you
@joker-sh and @toutatis

these links may help both of you:



@toutatis You should have a look at this thread and ask if your device is supported by libreelec.


Greetings Hoppel

I start to read the posts and i found this https://libreelec.tv/downloads/wetek-pla...-openelec/
so I try and after a long time and 2 reboot with a pin in reset the wetek start under libreelec WONDERFUL ! Big Grin
I install vnsi addon (kodi 16.1): 1.11.16 and pvr vdr backend 7.0.102 with VDR 2.2.0

Then I have channels ! Now just find where I can choose my usb stick for recording.

"I'll be back" (arnold) Wink
Great, well done. Let us know if you have problems or if you found a solution.

Greetings Hoppel
I'm back.
I found in system /add on/ my add on/service/ vdr pvr backend
I choose configure or setting (I put libreelec in french) so I can see DVB, VDR and plugin
In VDR / VDR video Dir I put /var/media/enr enr is the name for usbstick
under enable external recmd selected
and external recmd path I put /dev/sda1 that is my usbstick
But I can't put /dev/sda1 in VDR video Dir or /var/media/enr in external recmd path

The first recording doesn't ok
EUREKA ! that's work !
after a bug and a full reinstall with system libreelec and reinstal vdr client and backend.
I change the path to recording directory in directory
So go to
in system /add on/ my add on/service/ vdr pvr backend
select setting and choose VDR
and change VDR video dir and look for you usbstick for me is /var/media/enr

I hope that could help other libreelec user

and thank to Hoppel118
bye and see you for another answer Wink
Great, well done and thanks for reporting back! Bye

nice idea, and indeed, I have a 1TB external HDD for this. I formatted it in ext4 and plugged it in. The system found it, everything seems fine.


In the PVR-Addon I put in the path to the external disk, but nothing happens. The internal Flash Card is full (don't know why and what is it on it), and the recordings to the external drive are not made, giving the mistake "disk full". So, I think, I make a mistake somewhere on the way. But where?

Thanks for help!
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