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Full Version: Playing some MKV files fails (debug log & mediainfo side)
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Hey All.. I'm pretty new to Kodi, Raspberry Pi (3), and I am running OpenELEC 7.0, Kodi 16.1. Just installed it today, got it on the network, nfs mounted my Synology NAS, all without issue. All of my video files are in mkv format. A good chunk of them will play just fine however some do not. See the following as an example:


(relevant debug log and mediainfo output)

From the Kodi supported formats it seems like it should be supported. I can nfs mount the synology from my Macbook Air and play the file in VLC without issue.

Any ideas here? I've done a lot of Googling and can't seem to find a resolution or cause.
Your log is incomplete and doesn't seem to have debug turned on.
MKV isn't a format, it's a container. What's important are the stream(s) that's inside the container. I am playing 1080p AVC [email protected] on my RPi 2 (running OSMC which is currently using Kodi 16), and these play just fine.
nickr, debug mode helped. Turns out random files had un-readable file permissions. So silly. Change the permissions and they are playing correctly. Thanks!