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Full Version: Upgrade to 16.1 and all is not well
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I just upgraded to Kodi 16.1 (via openELEC 7.0) and most things work as expected except chromium v7.0.3 doesn't launch. So I ssh-ed into the box and ran manually to see stdout ...

MyVisioETV:~/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium # ./bin/chromium
/storage/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium/bin/chromium.bin: symbol lookup error: /storage/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium/bin/chromium.bin: undefined symbol: png_set_longjmp_fn

So there's an undefined symbol for png images. So I did a brute force search for that keyword:

MyVisioETV:~/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium # find . -type f|xargs grep -l png_set_longjmp_fn

So that symbol is in the chromium bin and a couple of SO-es. But I don't see a libpng anywhere in the addon directories or the /lib* /usr/lib*.

Has anyone seen this? I am stuck in v6.x land until I can chromium working, I use that addon quite a lot. Thanks for any pointers ....
Well done on persevering with openelec, but this will work straight away in librelelec.
I'll check out librelelec, thanks.
Bang on! I just upgraded and everything is tickety-boo so far. Jolly good. (sorry for the faux-UK slang Smile

I am getting that SSL error on that (and other) images, giving me a broken image icon. Don't worry, that link is totally safe for work! I searched and found this seems to be a Chrome 53 feature and most of the pages suggest upgrading Chrome or contacting the website owner. Since cloudfront is such a common CDN this will probably happen a lot, and with other webservers w/ the transparency setting in a non-friendly state too I guess.
I have the same Chromium issue as posted here by iWantToKeepAnon. From the log file:
kodi.sh[582]: /storage/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium/bin/chromium.bin: symbol lookup error: /storage/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium/bin/chromium.bin: undefined symbol: png_set_longjmp_fn
then use the same solution.
Hi nickr - you mean move to to librelec?

not too sure about that since librelect seems still in beta. This system is the main TV - video viewing device in my house hold. Due to family critical computing I could be lynched if if doesn't work.
No libreelec is not in beta. It's 7.03 runs kodi 16.1 and is perfectly stable. Libreelec released a 7 version with kodi 16 months ago whereas openelec running 16 has only just been released.

Libreelec is in testing phase for krypton (17), but if you want stable go le 7.03.