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Full Version: Video is unbalanced: colors, brightness, are over-saturated
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Is anyone else having problems with the colors and brightness being too saturated on playing video through Kodi: HDHomerun, DVR content.

My basic specs:
Dell Inspiron 15
Intel Core i3
Intel HD Graphics
Operating system? Kodi versions? debug log (wiki)
Thanks for the reply! I have a Windows 10; Kodi 16.1 Jarvis.

However, I believe I found the solution on another forum.

"Anyway it appears to be a graphics card compatibility problem where older cards don't support Hardware acceleration DXVA2.
In System, Settings, Video , Acceleration, Change Render Mode from DXVA2 to Software and Acceleration Mode to DXVA2.
Sounded counter intuitive to me too, but that's why Kodi Team are the experts..."

Looks like this worked for me.
I've edited that last post to remove the external link - forum_rules (wiki) prohibit linking to sites that discuss piracy, even if this particular conversation was unrelated to that.