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Full Version: PayPal Donation to XBMC did not get through
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Tried to donate to help with devel of XBMC for Linux but I got the money back again because the recipient didn't accept the funds in 30 days. Maybe someone should take a look at this or maybe you don't want any donations? Huh
This was also discussed on http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=29783 so sorry for creating a new thread.
I hope Gamester17 will take another look at this issue
We cannot recieve donations from credit cards, only debit cards with money on them (that can still be VISA, or MasterCard, etc. though), ...or else we have to update the account to a premium account on PayPal (and that cost money by itself)
I also have had a donation returned for the same reason. Is there no other way I can donate using a credit card ?
A lot of people here in the UK will only have credit cards on PayPal since the level of protection in law is much higher than debit cards. Basically if Paypal take money from your credit card wrongly then you can get it back from the credit card company but they can clean out your bank account with no comeback on a debit card. They once paid out $700 from my account for something I hadn't bought so I, like many people, I treat PayPal as a necessary evil and don't trust them an inch.
What's it cost to upgrade to a premium account? I'll buy if it's not that much - I don't remember having to pay a fee when I upgraded my account, but that was years ago.
IIRC there is no monthly or upgrade fee just a fee on every donation, around 2% if Im not mistaken.
Than may I suggest signing up for a second PayPal account (premium) to accept credit card so you don't miss out on the UK donations even 98% is better than 0%.
I paypal'd you all some loot and it was returned to me because it had gone unclaimed after 30 days. Folks are too busy to accept our tribute? Smile I used the link on the website. What's the deal?
Yeah, I donated by PayPal too but the money came back.
FWIW, I didn't use a credit card. I sent funds from my bank account. In the interim, I will send a few $$ to the xbmcmythtv developer instead. Rather than move my post, would have been more helpful if someone actually looked in to the issue.
Maybe a second paypal account should be created for credit card payments.