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Full Version: RADIO addon
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Could you suggest a Radio addon where put an url for my favorite radio (Discoradio italia) ?
Moving this to addons, more likely to get an asnwer
here are available a couple of interesting radio addons (in the official kodi repo and out there). but if you want a link inside a service you need to contact the owner of the service. i can't remember if you can use personal link inside the addon.
have you already the link to the stream? if so you can use an m3u file with the link inside to reproduce the stream.
Thank you for your suggestion yes I have the url, and your work around it is ok.

I have another queston, what I have to do in order to add a channel inside de "Radio" section?
It would be possible add the url as a Channel in this section?
Kind regards
the radio section is related to PVR part of kodi. never used it but i think a server running radio/tv service i needed to run kodi as backend.
you can create shortucuts to your home page of kodi, men├╣ or submen├╣, wiht your streams, favourites, lists and so on if you use an evolved skin.
I'm using kodi 17 (release candidate) with stock skin, in this case is it possible add a link in left side?
i think no, but you can use favourites already in left side menu.