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Full Version: Render Method Grayed out
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kodi version 16.1 rc2
default confluence skin
tried kodi Version 16.0

tried several other skins and always grayed out, settling level I tried Advanced and Expert

I booted into DMBC for a test based on kodi and the option wasn't grayed out

ideas ? did searches and didnt find a a good answer yet

thank you all !!
Droidbox TS-8 Plus ,OpenElec 6.0
(2017-01-02, 22:24)fritsch Wrote: [ -> ]http://www.libreelec.tv

do you mean install this https://droidboxforums.com/threads/beta-...plus.6906/
No. I said, we are not the OpenELEC nor the libreELEC support forum and basically we don't know - especially for the amlogic releases - what they added into kodi. Sorry for that.
ok I guess you mean its not a Kodi issue, thats good to know
Wasn't sure where to start

thank you