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Full Version: What is correct version in Kodi 17
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Just updated my RPi2 from LibreELEC 7.03 to 7.90.010 ALPHA.
I'm not a fan of Estuary skin so immediately downloaded and switched to Confluence.
In Add-Ons menu I see that the version of Confluence is 3.0.42 but Update button shows that in Kodi Add-on repository there is version 3.0.39 available. Seems to be some update in repository is missing.

In previous Confluence version (Kodi 16) there were the following submenus:
MOVIES: Recently added, Sets, Title, Genres, Years, Actors
TV SHOWS: Recently added, Title, Genres, Years, Actors

Now in Kodi 17 there are:
MOVIES: Genres, Title, Year, Actors, Directors, Studios
TV SHOWS: Genres, Title, Year, Actors, In progress TV shows, Studios

Sad to say but this change is very unfortunate. I can bet that most of us used to use exactly those submenus which had been removed: Recently added and Sets.

Question: does the skin's author will deliver new Confluence version with possibility to setup submenus in MOVIES and TV SHOWS?
If answer is "no" then next question: is here anyone who can provide a tip which xml files in /storage/.kodi/addons/skin.confluence/720p are responsible for control MOVIES and TV SHOWS submenus? I was searching for "Directors" and "Studios" strings in all files in that folder but result is null.
OK, someone corrected Confluence version and now it is correctly shown - 3.0.39
About submenus - no one answered to my post but I was able to solve it using Library Node Editor add-on: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid2493109