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Full Version: In Progress TV Seasons
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I have a lot of TV shows that I watch a few seasons and then sort of stop caring about. They all show up in the In Progress TV Shows smart playlist. I was curious if I could make a smart playlist that just displayed shows that have in progress seasons.

I tried looking over
but it didn't seem to point me in any direction.

Also, the table in 3.3.1 also has a No for the inprogress field under TV shows, which I found strange. Maybe it would need to also have a field for seasons in addition to episodes for what I'm thinking to work.
Why not delete them from your library?
(2017-01-03, 00:47)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Why not delete them from your library?

That's an overreaction, IMO.
Not if you're never going to watch them again surely?