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Full Version: Renamer Question , Dupe Years?
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How do I fix this issue with the renamer? I have a bunch of shows there were titled:

Battlestar Galactic (2003) and when I used the renamer it renamed everything to Battlestar Galactic (2003 (2003).

How do I make it remove the dupe year?

I suppose you talk about this show: http://thetvdb.com/?tab=series&id=73545&lid=7

tvdb offers the TV show title with the year in it. simply remove the year from the title and you are fine with the renamer
Sadly - This is not a rare problem with the meta data from thetvdb - there are multiple shows where the year is embedded in the show name - and if you have auto-rename on the data, you'll get double year in the title...
This happens because there are shows with the same name from a different year, and I believe not doing it will confuse kodi.