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Full Version: No DTS-HD and True-HD options/PT in Kodi
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This is not the first time and probably not the last time, but let me see if I understand this correctly:
HD audio doesn't work and instead of RTFM, you start a new thread and go through hoops to post various logs?

This onebox system does not support HD audio from it's HDMI inputs and there's nothing you can do about it. It didn't work in Jarvis either, that's your mind trying to compensate for you not RTFM.
@Soli, I still believe that I posted this request in the "Support" section. This is usually for people looking for help and guidance, not rude and offensive commentary. I understand if the box can't do HD via HDMI IN then there's nothing we can do. That's what I'm here to learn about, not to receive comments like yours.
But I did give you definitive help and guidance.

Along with some needed words because: It's offensive to waste somebody else's time because you didn't RTFM. It took me about 30 seconds to google "HT-E6750W manual", go to page 21 (connecting external devices). It says right there that only DTS and Dolby Digital is supported.
@Soli, Yes, you gave advice, tucked away nicely inside kinda aggressive commentary. This experience is what makes people stop engaging in any forum at all.
Asking for help and being told of is just not the right way.

@Everyone else, thank you for chiming in, trying to help. Fritsch very engaged as always, thumbs up!
Soli, your response could have been politer, please.
Please change the title to solved and add in fat into the first post:

HT-E6750W does only support DTS and AC3 via external devices.

then we have it for the future.
Not only that device,
About 99% of those all in 1 devices are limited,
And only the build in Blu-ray player does support all.
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