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Full Version: Advanced Launcher/Windows Exe „ Parameter Problem
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Hey all, i searched for a way to present myself but i didnt find one, this is my first time here in this Forum.

My Name is Philip, i am German and a long time xbmc/Kodi user.

I use Kodi with Kodi Launcher and Kodi set as shell. Now i wanted to integrate Netflix in my Kodi setup and found the Netflix Remote controle Programm which starts Netflix in fullscreen and with Remote controle.

I know it may not work with Kodi as a Shell cause Netflix as Windows 8.1 App needs Explorer, correct me if i am wrong.

But i found a way to do it otherwise, without kodi as Shell, i use Advanced launcher to start the Exe. But now i frustrated as hell, i cant find the right parameters für IMB PC. I found "%rom%" but when i use it, it doesnet recongnise the Parameter.

I thought it may be because of the fact that is has to be written like this: „%rom%“

My problem is that The little „ doesnt work, neither on Englisch Keyboard Layout or German one. Can someone help me ?