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Full Version: Restricting folder access in Network.
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I have installed Kodibuntu in to a dedicated PC and connected it to my windows network. I use to copy & paste movies, songs etc to Media server from my PC. Now the problem is every one in my network is able to view edit or delete those files! I would like restrict the folder access to others through network. i.e A username & password to view & edit those folders in network. Kindly help.... Undecided
This sounds like more of a general Linux question (I understand that's the sharing device, i.e. the host/server) rather than anything to do specifically with Kodi, so it doesn't really belong here.

I'd suggest that you read up on permissions around however you're sharing those files - it's different for NFS than it is for SMB/CIFS. Kodibuntu may indeed come with graphical utilities to edit these permissions - if not, you can install something via the package manager, or manually edit the relevant configuration files. Since you mention Windows clients, you're almost certainly running SMB/CIFS, so start there (system-config-samba as a package, or just "Samba" in the application menus if it's already installed).
Thank you... I give a try...