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Full Version: Recently added recordings - no preview pics
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Not sure if this feature is a available with the unmodded estuary skin (the version that is provided together with kodi 17 rcs and betas).
I've seen screenshots where the recently added recordings in the home screen are shown with a (preview) pic.
On my setup I only see the default pic of a tv screen together with the title and channel of the recording.

I am using vdr 2.3.1 as my pvr backend together with the pvr.vdr.vnsi addon, all latest releases (Kodi Krypton RC2) from xbmc-unstable on ubuntu desktop 16.04.01.

Anything I can do/need to do to get the preview pics displayed?
If your pvr backend does provide the pics, you will see them, otherwise not.

Local thumbnail extraction for pvr recordings is not supported due to restrictions, for instance of the current pvr add-on api. There are chances that we will solve this for Kodi v18.
Ok. Thanks. Will try to investigate if vdr can provide the pics by any means. Probably not.
I assume the screenshots I saw were with different pvr backends than vdr.