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Full Version: Transform a Mac Mini in HTPC with Gentoo and Kodi
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Hi guys,

If your are interested I did an how-to to install and configure a Gentoo Linux on a Mac Mini mid2012 as an HTPC. This how-to can be adapted for any other computer by changing the CFLAGS in make.conf and also adapt the kernel configuration.

The goal is to have a minimal Gentoo installation automatically running on Kodi at the end of the boot sequence and mainly controlled by an Apple Remote and Xbox One controller (for Steam).
  • UEFI stub kernel
  • OpenRC
  • Kodi booting automatically with auto-login (OpenRC init script)
  • Apple Remote fully functional in Kodi - ATVClient
  • Steam launched by Kodi and controlled with a Xbox One controller
  • Back to Kodi automatically when exit from Steam
  • Zattoo PVR support in Kodi Live TV with EPG

You can find this How-to in my website please follow this URL:
Transform a Mac Mini mid 2012 in HTPC with Gentoo and Kodi
Quote:Startup finished in 4.850s (firmware) + 953ms (loader) + 2.698s (kernel) + 994ms (userspace) = 9.497s
^^ you beat that? I hope so :-)