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Full Version: MySQL/shared library - updating or cleaning library on client machine?
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Hi! So I have a shared library setup using mysql on a dedicated machine that also shares all the media content over smb to a couple of raspberry pi 'clients' with kodi.

Can I do a "Update library" or "Clean library" (which is the preferred method in my use case?) from the client machines (pi's) kodi interface without messing anything up in the shared database? I vaguely remember doing so on one of the kodi clients previously and consequently messing something up (with paths in the database? with the local machine's kodi library? with unnecessary data fetched to the local client? can't remember), compared to doing so on the kodi installation on the remote machine that has the files locally, which is the way I otherwise do it (automatically, in order for the new content to appear).

The use case now is that I recently started removing content after watching and that content is still shown on the client machines libraries even though they don't exist.